Stand with Bob

  • Fight to keep good jobs in the USA, increase wages, and secure benefits.
  • Protect older Americans. Prevent privatization of Social Security and Medicare.
  • Defend all Americans from unfair and deceptive Wall Street practices.
  • Reduce healthcare costs by decreasing insurance premiums, deductibles, co-pays, and prescription drug prices.
  • Safeguard all women’s rights, from equal pay to healthcare privacy and freedom.
  • Ensure all our young people have access to affordable higher education and are able enter the workforce without crushing debt.
  • Strengthen the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts. Protect district water rights.
  • Tackle climate change.

Retirement Security

Some day, we will all reach a point in life when we no longer work and rely on a fixed retirement income. Will we have enough money to pay for the ever-increasing cost of living that we will still face? I can tell you as a physician that, as we get older, we will need...

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Wells Fargo – Bank Fraud!

Wells Fargo – Bank Fraud!

I once watched a stand up comedian deliver the following as a joke. “In the old days, ‘Bank Robbery,’ meant the bad guys showed up with masks covering their faces and guns demanding money from a bank teller.  Now ‘Bank Robbery’ means the bank steals money from your...

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Congressional Debate – Derlet & McClintock

Congressional Debate – Derlet & McClintock

Don’t miss the debate with the candidates for the US Congressional California District 4. This early morning event is a great way to show support for your candidate, Dr. Bob Derlet. You can also ask questions in this debate. Seating is limited – please...

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